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  1. What an inspiration of the Holy Spirit compiled in the pages of The Voice of God. I am blessed beyond measure to be exposed to such revelation of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, the dispensations in the kingdom of God and coming the full appreciation of the indwelling Holy Spirit. I’ve come to know that I am the Presence of God because His Voice, His Spirit is not in heaven, but tabernacles inside of me. Hence my personality is one intertwined with the Holy Ghost. It is so deep, amazing and beautiful to come to the understanding of the Grace of my King Jesus.

    My testimony of the Voice of God is an encounter with the love of Christ that was perfected on the cross for me. When I saw the revelation of His love with His presence in me, with heads bowed down in submission and humility before the Lord in an office confessing my sins of not loving some persons like Christ do, I received fresh baptism into His love that helped my human relationship.

    I am eternally grateful for this awesome blessing, TVOG coming at this day and time. It’s so deep that I believe it should be taught at large in the body of Christ because not all Christians actually have the knowledge of the Christ they confess. It is a breath of fresh air in the midst of many predisposition of the Personality of God.

    Thanks to the author and family. God bless you Sir!

  2. The Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks by Matthew Dickson
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars
    Recommended for all.Do you want to know who God truly is and to meet Him face to face read on? This book will give you deeper insights of the revelation of God and bring you into intimacy with the HolySpirit. so grateful that i came in contact with this book from heaven. the author stated “you cannot follow whom you do not know”. My life has been supernaturally transformed reading this book. the testimonies are indescribable. Jesus revealed, the glory of God is manifested. My steps are being ordered daily by the Holy Spirit. i’m so excited. my heart is filled with joy. i will recommend you get for yourself and your loved ones. The voice of God is my inheritance.

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  3. Most times when I read books… I try to imagine it in a creative way.
    The voice of God is an art, an epitome of the revelation of God’s mind toward the creation
    The Voice of God is the message relevant to rebuild Christians desiring to build a deeper intimacy with the Godhead.
    I love the market place Christians. That is what I can liken the writer with..such a book are like seeds which are relevant to rebuild the menace in our generation. it emphasizes the need of God for his church for now.
    I love this statement…”There is no voice without a word.” God’s voice is heard in his word. that is deep.. I will recommend it to my friends and sons in the ministry..

  4. The Voice of God is indeed a great blessing to the body of Christ. I have learnt practical steps on how to hear the voice of God amidst many voices and distractions in the world today. I love the statement from page 116 “The Holy Ghost is the voice of God to us, to our human spirit. So many kind of voices are in the world. It depends on whose voice you are listening to”.
    Further studies gave me deep insight on how to hear the voice of God via His word. ” there is no voice without the word”..
    It’s a book that is built precepts upon precepts, each chapter lunching you into deeper waters and realms eternal. I’ve not gotten enough of it yet…I’m still drinking deep into the wells of this book.
    It’s a study compendium that has changed my life personally and I know it will Change yours too.
    The testimonies are overwhelming and of great encouragement. I recommend The Voice of God to every one… It’s a sickle God is using for the great harvest.
    God bless the author of this book… Today we hear and learn to decifer the Voice of God amidst other voices through you. Greater heights in Jesus name

  5. The voice of God “The life changing book”

    This book came at the very right time I needed it, I was already giving up, I lost hope and faith that it could be well again.

    You know some times when challenges comes your way, you begin to think people are behind it, or Satan is your problem, forgetting the promises God made for you on the the cross.

    As I am reading the book I saw God speaking to me in diverse ways
    – If you live under assumption, you will live a frustrated life (my state of mind then)
    – Satan is not your problem because he has been long defeated on your behalf, what you need is the knowledge of your redemption right in Christ

    I paused, I said to myself, indeed I need the knowledge of my redemption, indeed I have forgotten that I was saved long time ago..indeed Satan has no power to steal my joy..

    As I kept on reading I saw my life transforming, I saw anger in my spirit,i rose, then I spoke a word, can’t forget that.. I said Satan you are a lie.. No one can do anything to me, henceforth my ears are not for you, they are for the Holy Spirit.. Because my God says a Spirit fed life is an ever wining, there fore I shall continue to win…….
    I prayed so long.. With tears, and believe me, that was the end of my doubt..

    Myself and my husband read this book, and we came out with same result.. (both loaded with strong faith)

    We started practicing all the example bro.Mattew gave,(resting on God’s word, commanding things that are meant to be to be..)

    We saw God in action, our story changed.. We got what we think was taken from us by the enemy back.. Our Joy restored.

    I really appreciate God in the life of Bro. Mattew Dickson, I see God taking him places, we would read more of this from him. God bless you Sir.

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